The State betrayed the nation

August 2022

Update: The essay below was based on data effective 31st December 2021, by which time Covid had been endemic in the UK for two years.

Since then – as per the link below, and an article in The Times newspaper (14.07.22 page 24) – it would appear that, by the end of June 2022, a further 51,911* people had died in this year, meaning that, as it stands, 2022 is on track to have the highest  With Covid death toll since the pandemic commenced  (73,512 having died With Covid in 2020, 74,577 having died With Covidin 2021 – despite, as per below, the virus being less virulent by 2021, lockdown being of greater duration in 2021 and, of course, the vaccination program!)

How can it be so? Shelving the fact that the vaccines were/are ineffective – QED, by dint of the unchecked spread of Covid, and the fact that hospitalisation rates are the same for those vaccinated and unvaccinated (if not worse) – as the virus has evolved to become weaker, and as those most susceptible have already perished, and as those not susceptible have been repeatedly exposed to it, how can more people now be dying of it?

Prima facie, the vaccines themselves must present a deleterious element in the equation.

*For the official data for deaths with COVID-19 recorded as a contributory cause on the death certificate – 200,335 up to the end of June 2022 – please ref:

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January 2022

To whom it may concern:

Please note below a few pages of information regarding Covid-19.

All of the facts contained herein have been derived from Government websites (the links to which, in many cases, are provided).

In the public interest, please forward this message to others, as it is important that people are made aware of data that the government/mainstream media has opted not to promote* (All copyright/intellectual property rights to this factsheet are waived, and it may be freely reproduced and distributed).


  1. Covid death toll: 2020 vs. 2021
  2. Danger: Covid vs vaccination
  3. Covid transmission
  4. Science against mass vaccination
  5. Deceptive presentation of ICU statistics
  6. Pointless isolation
  7. Lockdown deaths vs Covid deaths in 2020
  8. Top 10 reasons why Lockdowns abetted the pandemic
  9. A two-line conclusion

*As for why the government, mainstream media and internet media platforms have acted the way they have, I would direct your attention to the brief, 10-page essay especially the 2-page section A potted History of Covid in the UK

For a more comprehensive analysis of what went wrong and why during 2020 and early 2021, the following books are noteworthy:

State of Fear by Laura Dodsworth
The Great Covid Panic by Prof. Paul Frijters et al

Covid death toll: 2020 vs. 2021

By the Government’s own admission*, two thirds of people who die With Covid have underlying health conditions that would have taken their lives within a year anyway.
The remaining third of deaths are therefore people who died Of Covid, and it is these people, people who would not have otherwise died, that are of statistical significance in respect of the cost-benefit analysis that should govern pandemic management (albeit as autopsies are not being routinely conducted on patients who die Of Covid, it may well be that many of these unfortunates had conditions they were unaware of).

In 2020, 73,512 died With Covid, whilst 24,504 died Of Covid 
In 2021, 74,577 died With Covid, whilst 24,809 died Of Covid – viz. more people died both With and Of Covid in 2021 than 2020, despite the facts that:

  1. At the beginning of 2020 there were large numbers of vulnerable people who were extremely susceptible to Covid, whilst by the beginning of 2021 most of these poor souls had died from it.
  2. At the beginning of 2020 there was no natural immunity to Covid in the UK, whilst at the beginning of 2021 between 30-50% of the population – at least – had the same, by virtue of having survived infection.
  3. At the beginning of 2020 there were no vaccines available, whereas at the beginning of 2021 they were being administered at a breakneck pace, such that, by the end of summer, everyone who wanted to be vaccinated had been.
  4. At the beginning of 2021 the medical profession had no experience of treating Covid, whilst by 2021 it had refined and perfected its procedures.
  5. At the beginning of 2020 there were no specialist medicines to fight Covid, whilst by 2021 they had been developed.
  6. At the beginning of 2020 the virus was at its strongest, post which, as is usual with viruses, its virulence has generally has lessened (to wit, though a couple of strong variants have emerged in certain places at certain times, Covid, like most viruses, looks to evolve into a form whereby it neither kills nor overly incapacitates its host, such that they can abet its spread – to which end the common cold is the ideal virus).
  7. Oh, and for anyone who still believes that lockdowns work – hee-haw – in 2020 the country was locked down for four months (26/03 – 23/06, 05/11 – 02/12), whilst in 2021 the country was locked down for six -and-a-half months (06/01 – 19/07)!

Why then were there more Covid deaths in 2021 when, by every relevant precedent, there must have been less? 
The only answer which presents itself is that either lockdowns made Covid worse, or that the vaccination program somehow did, or that both these unnatural factors acted in concert to the said regrettable end (ref. Covid transmission, Science against mass vaccination, and Top 10 reasons why Lockdowns abetted the pandemic, below).

NB. Anecdotally, in a bad flu year circa 30,000 die from flu and pneumonia. Quite why such years never warranted any Government intervention, while Covid-19 warranted a totalitarian response on its part is a question the establishment has yet to answer (in the absence of which, www.pandemic-reaction offers the best response).

*Professor Neil Ferguson, the Government’s go-to Covid guru, told the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee on 25th March, 2020 that he estimated two-thirds of people who have died or will die of coronavirus in 2020 would have died from other causes this year

Danger: Covid vs vaccination

In response to the question, which is more dangerousCovid-19 or the vaccinations against it?, most people would unquestioningly think that the answer is Covid -19, yet few have thought to test this assumption, to which end let us conduct the exercise, based on data the State itself has compiled (ref. links, below).

The number of people who died With Covid in 2021 was 74,577.
Of these people however, as per the government’s own admission, two thirds of them would have had underlying health conditions that would have taken their lives within the year anyway, meaning that the number of people who died Of Covid in 2021 was c.24,859, albeit as autopsies are not being routinely conducted on patients who die of Covid, it may well be that many of these unfortunates had conditions they were unaware of (in fact nine out of ten people who have died from Covid in England and Wales had underlying health conditions).

The average age of the people who die of Covid is 82 (whilst the average lifespan in the UK is 81.5 – a fact that prompted the Prime Minister to exclaim “Catch Covid, live longer!” )

Now on to the vaccines:

As per the information tabled below, in 2021, 1,822 people, plus 647 unborn children have died due to vaccinations, meaning 2,469 people died in total from them, the ages of whom has not been disclosed (with the exception of the unborn children).

Thus for every 10 people killed by Covid last year, one has died due to being vaccinated against it – most likely a person who, due to their age, was never imperiled by Covid.

In addition to which…

For every 1.25 people killed by Covid last year, one person had a heart attack ­ due to being vaccinated against it – most likely a person who, due to their age, was never imperiled by Covid.

In addition to which…

For every 6.5 people killed by Covid last year, one person had a pulmonary embolism/deep vein thrombosis­ due to being vaccinated against it – most likely a person who, due to their age, was never imperiled by Covid.

… and so the grisly list goes on – ref. below re all the serious conditions caused by the vaccinations. All told, subject to what you deem the criteria to be…

….some 86,488 people suffered severe injury due to the vaccines last year and 2,469 lost their lives due to them (whilst all told 1,314,659 people were made unwell by them) – all most likely people who, due to their age, were never imperiled by Covid.

…all due to having a vaccine that, the Government has now admitted – and experience has shown – does not prevent you from contracting the virus, does not stop you from dying from the virus and increases your chance of transmitting the virus (ref. Covid transmission, below), to such an extent that as of December 2021 those who had been double-jabbed are now deemed unvaccinated!!

NB: Due to the issues cited in the preamble, below, among others, if anything the picture presented above is conservative and the harm caused by the misadministration of vaccines is worse than here stated.

Summary of Adverse Events in the U.K.

According to an updated report, the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system has recorded a total of 1,314,659 events based on 399,731 reports. The total number of fatalities reported is 1,822.

  • Pfizer (24.6 million first doses, 20.9 million second doses) now has one Yellow Card in 177 people vaccinated. Deaths: 1 in 38,801 people vaccinated (634).
  • AstraZeneca (24.9 million first doses, 24.1 million second doses) has one Yellow Card in 104 people vaccinated. Deaths: 1 in 21,880 people vaccinated (1,138).
  • Moderna (1.5 million first doses, 1.3 million second doses) has one Yellow Card in 73 people vaccinated. Deaths: 1 in 83,333 people vaccinated (18).

Overall, one in every 128 people vaccinated (0.78%) have experienced a Yellow Card adverse event. The MHRA has previously estimated that the Yellow Card reporting rate may be approximately 10% of actual figures. Note that sometimes in Yellow Card reporting, the numbers of adverse events (including fatalities) will be lower than the previous week. The Yellow Card system is a passive reporting system, so in theory this should not happen as all reports should be cumulative. However, the MHRA say they analyse the data prior to publication, with deaths and pregnancy conditions being notably investigated. They do not state criteria by which reports would be removed and to date have not clarified why this data varies. It is therefore unclear how many reported adverse events have been removed from the reports since reporting began in February 2021.

  • Pulmonary Embolism & Deep Vein Thrombosis = 3,701
  • Anaphylaxis = 1,470
  • Acute Cardiac = 19,580
  • Pericarditis/Myocarditis = 1,362
  • Infections = 29,847
  • Herpes = 4,625
  • BCG Scar Reactivation = 124
  • Headaches & Migraines = 128,701
  • Blindness = 452
  • Deafness = 663
  • Spontaneous Abortions = 647 miscarriages
  • Facial Paralysis incl. Bell’s Palsy = 1,924
  • Strokes and CNS haemorrhages = 2,855
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome = 550
  • Tremor = 12,018
  • Amnesia & Memory Loss = 1,275
  • Confusion & Disorientation = 4,270
  • Seizures = 3,096
  • Paralysis = 1,288
  • Haemorrhage (all types) = 9,341
  • Vertigo/Tinnitus = 10,502
  • Vomiting = 16,906
  • Reproductive/Breast Disorders = 48,010

Covid transmission

At the beginning of the vaccination program, Public Health England (PHE) began recording the efficacy of the vaccines in preventing infection, especially in comparison to unvaccinated individuals – the political objective of the exercise being, it would appear, to shame people who were unvaccinated into becoming vaccinated as, by being at greater risk of catching Covid than the vaccinated, they were at greater risk of spreading it (this being the only moral argument that could be used to compel people who didn’t need to be vaccinated, and for whom being vaccinated may have negative health effects, to get vaccinated – albeit even this argument runs counter to medical ethics, which state that any treatment administered to a patient must be for their express benefit).

Contrary to what the Government anticipated however, the data soon revealed that being vaccinated DID NOT reduce the likelihood of someone become infected with, and so transmitting Covid.
Contrary however to what anyone anticipated, as the data continued to roll in, by autumn it became clear that those who had been vaccinated were MORE  likely to become infected with and so transmit the virus than those who hadn’t been vaccinated, with the increased infectiousness of the vaccinated rising with every passing week until, by late October, those vaccinated were more than TWICE as likely to become infected with, and so transmit Covid than those who had not been vaccinated!

At this point however, despite having resisted government pressure to pull the plug on the data thus far, the UK Health SecurityAgency (UKHSA) – which by this time had replaced PHE – finally buckled and stopped releasing the statics.

The reason given for this censorship of information by a taxpayer-funded public body? 
The untested, unqualified, unscientific belief that those who had not been vaccinated were less likely to take a Covid test than those who had been vaccinated?! – but what of the unvaccinated people who had to take tests? And what of the unvaccinated who, though scared of the vaccine, were also scared of Covid, so tested regularly? And what of the work-shy unvaccinated who got tested regularly to skive? Or the unvaccinated who, because of being unvaccinated, were placed under pressure by others to be tested more regularly? And besides, why not test the hypothesis itself and poll unvaccinated people?

In short, the justification given is more bullshit on the part of the Government. The data was not showing what they wanted it to, so they have suppressed it.

It is now scientifically evidenced that being vaccinated increases your chance of becoming infected with Covid by over double, and so increases your chance of transmitting Covid – a fact that inverts the arguments re vaccination being a civic duty! (And paradoxically means that the unvaccinated are at greater risk from the vaccinated than vice versa – a first in vaccination history!)

Science against mass vaccination

Since the onset of the pandemic many eminent scientists and academics have argued that mass vaccination would result in the evolution of vaccine-resistant strains, potentially prolonging the pandemic – Robert Malone and Peter Navarro for example wrote the following in the Washington Times:

The more people you vaccinate, the greater the number of vaccine-resistant mutations you are likely to get, the less durable the vaccines will become, ever more powerful vaccines will have to be developed, and individuals will be exposed to more and more risk … If the entire population has been trained via a universal vaccination strategy to have the same basic immune response, then once a viral escape mutant is selected, it will rapidly spread through the entire population

To avoid being locked into an arms race with the virus, they argued that only the most vulnerable should be vaccinated, which chimes with the advice of the leading scientists, including Nobel prize winners, who signed the Great Barrington Declaration, the central tenet of which is that energies expended in fighting the virus should have been directed at those most menaced by it, and not squandered on unnecessary and futile attempts to coddle those who needed no such protection.

Moreover the principal plank of Malone and Navarro’s argument – viz. vaccination drives viral evolution – is accepted by many of those who support the mass rollout of Covid vaccines, including the UK’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Patrick Vallance, who said:

“The more you vaccinate, the more you put evolutionary pressure on the virus. So it’s true that, as you get up to very high levels of vaccination, the virus is then struggling to find out what to do, and that eventually will become an issue”.

The above arguments are of course disputed by those unconcerned by mass vaccination, who likewise have many eminent scientists and academics among their number (including all those in the payroll of the Government, and all those beholden to Big Pharma).
What however is undisputed is that natural immunity against a virus is better than any immunity which can be given by way of a vaccination, primarily due to the fact that such immunity presents a broader, more general/less specific type of protection, which is more resistant to viral mutations.

This fact though then begs the questions:
Why are those who have had Covid being vaccinated? Why are people not being tested to see if they have antigens prior to vaccination – it is a cheap and easy test to do? 
And why are people who are at no risk of serious illness from Covid being vaccinated at all, when being vaccinated neither confers immunity from infection nor prevents transmission? Why aren’t these people being allowed to develop natural immunity instead? (An immunity that will stand them in better stead when, when they are old and vulnerable, they come into contact with Coronavirus). 

Deceptive presentation of ICU statistics

On the 19th December the Health Secretary Sajid Javid publicly stated that 9 out of 10 patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU) were unvaccinated.
On the 29th December PM Boris Johnson publicly stated that 9 out of 10 patients in ICU were unvaccinated.

Both statements were untrue or, put more concisely, lies.

When Downing street was probed for the source of the data following the PM’s claim, the response given to the Timesnewspaper was that the 90% figure was anecdotal data drawn from several NHS trusts in London, a vague statement that defies verification. 

Helpfully the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre (ICNARC) releases reports that now show vaccination status (a link to the reports is here ) – unsurprisingly, the claims made by Javid and Johnson and, more broadly, reports in the media claiming that 90% of the ICU patients in London are unvaccinated are not supported by this audit.

It transpires that, in truth, there were about 820 Covid patients in English ICUs in mid-November. By Christmas Eve this had fallen to 747, and in both cases circa 48% of the patients were unvaccinated, meaning there were circa 400 unvaccinated ICU patients in England in November, and circa 359 on Christmas eve which, out of a population of  68+ million people, tens of millions of whom are unvaccinated, either because they are too young, or because they are opposed to vaccination, or because they have ‘only’ had two jabs – the twice-jabbed now being deemed unvaccinated! – is utterly insignificant, and unworthy of comment by a Health Secretary or Prime Minister.

It would seem then that the Health Secretary and the Prime minster were either making utterly unqualified assertions about a matter of national importance – when accurate data was readily at hand – or they were deliberately setting out to mislead the public in a bid to get vaccination uptake to such a high level that the consequences of the same would be impossible to determine by dint of there being no way of comparing the outcomes of unvaccinated and vaccinated people.

Masks, hand cleaning & other ritualistic idiocy

Covid-19 is a microvirus, a virus so small in fact that in 2020 it was reckoned that every particle of it on the planet would fit inside a coke can (another year has now gone by though, so I suppose it’s now grown to two coke cans! –  Why all the world’s coronavirus would fit in a can of cola – BBC ).

Consequently any face covering that is not airtight – i.e. of the Hazmat or NBC variety – is effectively useless in stopping it (the anti-splash masks worn by most being akin to putting railings around your garden to keep the gnats out!)

Moving on to hand sanitization, at the beginning of the pandemic it was unclear whether Covid could be spread by fomites – which is to say through touch – or not, and to this end it was prudent for people to so act.
It soon became apparent though that this was not the case, and by February 2021 this fact was universally accepted by scientists and health bodies around the globe – with even mainstream newspapers like the Times proclaiming this was so.
Consequently one would have imagined that the requirement/advice to hand-sanitize would, in line with the science, have been retracted, so as to prevent skin complaints, pollution, anxiety, inconvenience and, of course, money from being wasted.

No such advice however has been given, and Professors Whitty et al still stand behind lecterns that enjoin the public to hand-sanitize (Whitty’s view being, presumably, that such rituals help make little people do as they are bidden!)

Pointless isolation

Since Covid-19 first emerged in late 2019, the finest scientific minds in medicine around the world have devoted all their energies, and considerable sums, to understanding the virus – a virus that, though novel in many ways, is essentially no more than a variant coronavirus. Two years on though, the said, well-remunerated scientific community is still undecided as to how long a person with Covid is infectious for, and by extension how long they should isolate for if their infection is detected – a fact that somehow detracts from the omniscience the said scientists are supposed to have (an omniscience, let us simple folks not forget, that made politicians abdicate their authority so that those in white coats should decide and direct every aspect of our lives – “Scientists should be on tap, not on top” according to Winston Churchill, but what did he know about running a country in a time of crises!)

Consequently people have been told to isolate for varying numbers of days throughout the pandemic, as scientific opinions shift (and shift again, before changing, then becoming different – and so we follow the science, through a maze of its own making!)
Yet because most people who catch Covid are asymptomatic and thus don’t know they’re infected, and even those who do become symptomatic have been infectious it would seem for several days before they show any illness, whilst others, even though they feel a little ill, won’t isolate for economic, social or philosophico-political reasons, for every one person with Covid who isolates, there’s 10 buggers with Covid who don’t, meaning that the spread of the virus is little impeded by the said one person who shuts themselves away – a fact that has begun to dawn abroad, most noticeably in South Africa.

Mindful of this, how can it be right that hospitals, care homes and schools are allowed to become dysfunctional by dint of absenteeism? Common sense would say…. hold on! Common sense? This is Covid we’re talking about! Common sense will have no say!

To close by bookending the opening paragraph, lack of political oversight allowed science to create Covid-19 – for whether it was made in China, or elsewhere, the footprint of the virus shows it’s been tinkered with – post which, lack of political oversightallowed science to wreak more havoc than the virus, by dint of giving the men in white coats total social control (so society become an asylum!)

Lockdown deaths vs. Covid deaths in 2020

In 2020, 73,512 died With Covid, whilst 24,504 died Of Covid – the difference between With and Of being that, by the Government’s own admission, two thirds of people who die With Covid have underlying health conditions that would have taken their lives within a year anyway.

The remaining third of deaths are therefore people who died Of Covid, and it is these people, people who would not have otherwise died, that are of statistical significance in respect of the annual excess death toll – this being deaths over and above those expected in any given year.

In 2020 there were c.72,000 excess deaths.

If you subtract from this figure the 24,504 who died Of Covid you are left with circa 48,000 excess deaths that were non-Covid related.

In July 2020 the Office of National Statistics predicted that circa 50,000 would die that year (alone) because of lockdown restrictions – NB. it’s been estimated that through lockdowns and anti-Covid measures the UK Government will kill 200,000 UK citizens of all ages in the medium to long term, due to missed medical diagnoses, missed treatments, loss of jobs, loss of tax revenue (which means less money to spend on the NHS and social care), and economic damage in general (with disadvantaged people suffering the most).
Bristol University has forecast that Parliament’s response to Covid will ultimately kill 560,000 UK citizens.

Prima facie then, in 2020, whilst 24,504 died Of  Covid, approximately 48,000 died from lockdown.

Top 10 reasons why Lockdowns abetted the pandemic

Obviously, and as explicitly predicted by the World Health Organisation and the UK government in the pandemic planning they conducted in the decades prior to the onset of Covid, the notion that, in the absence of an ongoing or imminent vaccination program, a ‘lockdown’ could prevent the spread of a microvirus throughout a population, is unscientific, illogical, contra-common-sense nonsense.

This is primarily because, in short, if you have a one-in-ten chance of catching a virus if you go out in public, and you go out in public ten times, then you will theoretically catch it, which in turn means that if you have to wait for a several years for a vaccine to be safely trialled, or even a mere year for an untested vaccine to be rushed into production, you will already have exposed yourself to the virus on 365 occasions if you only pop out once a week! Meanwhile the social damage caused by the said lockdowns results in misery, damage and death on a scale that far outweighs the danger of the pathogen!

To this end it comes as small wonder that the medically harmful, socially toxic, economically damaging  lockdowns that were imposed on the British public achieved nothing in respect of impeding the virus (such an outcome being predictable and predicted, foreseeable and foreseen) – a statement corroborated by the fact that places which didn’t lockdown – like Sweden, Texas, Florida, Dakota etcetera – had better outcomes than the UK, as did places that locked down to a lesser extent (NB in the UK, EVERY lockdown was imposed AFTER infection rates began to fall, so as to create the illusion that they had an impact!)

Studies that show social restrictions do not lead to lower Covid mortality and infection rates are numerous (see this collection of 31 from AIER, which is kept up to date).

Risibly though, there are still those who peddle the counterfactual crap that if we hadn’t locked down millions would have died, despite this not happening in places that didn’t lock down, but such apologists are driven by a need to justify/absolve their own complicity in what is, for the UK, the crime of the century, thus it’s easier for them to pretend wrong was right than to admit they were outright wrong (and were complicit in throwing millions of their fellow citizens, including children, under a bus). 

The ramblings of such types are however irrelevant and need no answer – the facts speak for themselves.

The question that is left then, the question which needs to be addressed, and which is of interest to science, is why is it that, as evidenced by the data, lockdowns made the spread of the pandemic worse?The most likely reasons for this as are follows (though the jury is still out):

  1. Stress weakens the immune system.
  2. Lack of sunlight weakens the immune system.
  3. Alcohol and poor diet weakens the immune system.
  4. Lack of fresh air weakens the immune system, plus helps the spread of airborne pathogens.
  5. Lack of exercise weakens the immune system.
  6. Covid is spread in domestic/residential settings – 84% of New York fatalities were people who had locked down; 66% of Covid cases are nosocomial; 40% of Covid deaths occur in care homes – thus to force families to stay indoors is madness.
  7. Whilst useless re novel microviruses like Covid, lockdowns adversely affect the spread of other, more benign bugs like the common cold, reactions to which appear to block Covid.  
  8. Lockdowns delay healthy people from obtaining immunity to Covid, which in turn delays herd immunity from being achieved, which in turn gives the virus more time to mutate.
  9. By slowing the inexorable spread of Covid in summer, lockdowns reduced the number of people contracting Covid when they were at their strongest, it was at its weakest, and the NHS was best equipped to treat it – leaving many instead to contract it in autumn and winter, when they were at their weakest, it was at its strongest, and the NHS was least equipped to treat it.
  10. Covid appears to thrive better in the absence of sunlight, so to force people indoors in summer is particularly idiotic.

A two-line conclusion

Through ignorance, fear and weakness, vanity, greed and ego, 
the State gave death dominion over life, and so betrayed the nation.

– # –

Ernest A.