Pandemic Reaction


Reference is made in the essay below to the failure on the part of successive UK Governments to put any meaningful plans in place for the management of an inevitable pandemic.

The reason the author thought this was so, was because, when damned for having no such plans in place, the Government did not rebut the accusation – indeed, it apologized for this ostensibly gross oversight.

It has however since become apparent that – as common sense would warrant – the UK government had over many, many years devised pandemic strategies in respect  of a variety of pathogens, including Coronavirus.

The reason it seems that the Government omitted to mention the said plans when rebuked for the lack thereof, was that the latter ruled out the use of lockdown as a measure to combat Coronavirus due to it being of little benefit, and far too costly across the board (a finding echoed by the World Health Organization in its recommendations regarding pandemic management) – in short, as it had to throw the pandemic playbook out the window to respond to Covid in a way it deemed politically expedient, the Government in effect pretended that such a document never was (the criticism it received for a lack of foresight in the past, freeing it to do as it pleased in the present).


(Foreword: The following presents a pendant to the essay Pandemic Action, that was written in April 2020, this essay can be viewed here

This essay will explain how it came to pass that the response of the UK government to Covid-19 caused far, far more harm than the virus itself, and then will suggest measures to prevent such a calamity from ever happening again.

In respect of the essay…
It’s written fairly plainly, so it’s reasonably easy to read (style aside though, even when the prose is clumsy, the reasoning speaks for itself).
It tries to be blithe (which is funny, if you think about it).
It needs to be better edited.


Political Crime (A potted history of Covid in the UK)
Right-minded Fightback (Govid ‘20 – a lethal, intimidating yet, in truth, weak pathology)
The Indictment (The state betrayed the nation)
Human, Civil and Private Rights (Political reformation)
Coda (Covid opportunity)
Epilogue (Mea Culpa)

Political Crime (A potted history of Covid in the UK – albeit the global record is similar, by dint of the internet, and lockstep politics)

  1. The political context (historical): The UK lamely operates by way of an inherently divisive, and prejudicial, petty, cantankerous party-political system (which, it’s been revealed now the mask of liberty’s slipped, answers only to itself when it works in concert – press, police, judiciary and monarchy, all dancing, badly, to its atonal tune). In a system such as this, long-term thinking is naturally neglected – what matters being re-election.

  2. The political context (modern): In 2010 the Conservative faction gained control of the UK, and so responsibility for the NHS, yet despite presiding over under-capacity crises year on year, and despite knowing that a pandemic or other medical catastrophe MUST one day happen, Parliament – with the Conservatives now at the tiller – continued to do nothing in respect of capacity, protective equipment, emergency planning etcetera. Likewise, Parliament’s refusal to allow people to die when they choose, with dignity, created a pool of unwilling virus-victims (Parliament’s view being that only it and the Almighty should decide when people die and, of late, what they should die of – viz. anything other than Covid).

  3. The political objective (Parliamentary misfeasance and nonfeasance): When Covid took root in the UK, the government, naturally, looked at the problem through a political prism, to which end two things dawned upon it, to wit:
    Firstly, it had to make the virus as monstrous as possible, to big-up its opponent as it were, so as to cover up its weaknesses, plus any failings on its part.
    Secondly, it judged that it must, must, must above everything else, ensure that hospitals didn’t have to turn Covid patients away, or merely give them palliative care, regardless of how elderly or moribund they were, for if the hospitals did this then blame for the said NHS failure would, quite rightly, be laid at the door of the politicians who’d made no provision for even so much as a 3 or 4% annual uplift in hospitalisations (particularly in winter).

    Point one led to the immediate enlistment of scientists and doctors who would present Covid as the Black Death, and pretend that it’s spread could only, perhaps, be prevented by way of slavishly obeying the state (the government using science in the same way that monarchs of yore used religion, whilst very-clever-yet-bereft-of-common-sense quacks gaily became pharisees, and dutifully preached what their masters wanted).

    Point two led to the Government’s relatively benign initial ambition, to slow the rate of inevitable infection so that the NHS could cope or, in the parlance of the day, squash the sombrero.

  4. The howlround… must also be mentioned at this point, this being the phenomenon in modern politics whereby an uninformed hue and cry commences on the web in respect of an issue – perceived or real – in response to which politicians and political parties, instead of trying to subdue the hysteria, pander to it to court popularity, and in so doing give credibility to what’s often simple idiocy – to quote from

    ‘Abetting this error, indeed fuelling its fire, the AI and algorithms used by social media platforms promote extreme, sensationalist content, and ergo amplify fake news, apocalyptic predictions, hyperbolic statistics, worst-case scenarios and so on, which duly scare their users, whose unfounded fears populist politicians then look to allay by way of unnecessary measures, disproportionate responses, fatuous acts and empty rhetoric, all of which serve, in reverse, to lend credibility to the delusions they respond to (whilst unsexy threats go unchecked, and long-term projects are neglected).

    An insidious feedback loop has thus emerged, not through any specific conspiracy, but through the collective negligence of media platforms, media outlets, and governments that has allowed the irrational howls of mobs to dictate political action – presumably it was because of this pernicious circle that governments around the world responded to Covid-19 in a loopy fashion (their longing to be right-on, making them act wrongly).’

    Consequently, the state’s conventional, rational message in the face of inevitable danger, Keep Calm & Carry On, was replaced with Panic & Stop Everything (regardless of cost and logic, justice, rights and honour).

  5. A cost-free strategy for MP’s… indeed many looked to profit from Covid, by granting contracts to their cronies; by way of their heightened profiles; though articles and interviews plus, in the future, books and lucrative appointments (on the boards of companies they’ve helped to enrich).
    Leastwise, whilst claiming that we’re all in it together, MP’s all but stopped working, yet nevertheless drew full salaries, and even claimed expenses in respect of their domestic utility bills etcetera (such that taxpayers paid for them to watch Netflix).

    Whichever way you dress it up, or down though, if every MP had had to sacrifice 30% of their net worth for lockdown policies to go ahead – in a show of solidarity with those who were to suffer such losses because of them – then, as sure as day follows night, the country wouldn’t have shut for so much as a morning.

  6. Common sense and logic were forgone… along the way, which was abominable on the part of Parliament, for in the absence of the hard, tested data that science needs to be meaningful, common sense, past experience and logic alone must dictate policy.
    Instead, Parliament adopted as gospel a ‘science’ which suited its political interests (while ignoring the science of renowned, accredited professors, doctors, Nobel Laureates and so on).

  7. Fear was unleashed… because, convinced that nobody would pay it proper notice –  MP’s judging others by way of themselves – Parliament, and the white-coated stooges now on its payroll, deliberately exaggerated the danger of Covid, whilst removing people’s rights and familiar liberties overnight, such that, bewildered and terrified, the public unquestioningly complied with the excessive, nonsensical restrictions which were imposed upon them (and so swallowed whole a wrongly-administered nocebo).
    Thus, as intended – and as in other countries – a shellshocked nation blindly complied with whatever dim measures the state applied…

    …And so began the grand insanity (the pandemic now a panpanic!)

  8. Although it was acknowledged that lockdowns wouldn’t stop Covid…  for only quarantine, herd immunity and vaccines can stop the spread of any microvirus.
    This is common knowledge (and common sense).
    Oxymoronic semi-quarantines – or lockdowns – can only at best slow the inexorable spread of a pathogen, to which end their cost in lives, livelihoods, lifetimes and lifestyles must be weighed against the gains of such arrest (to lend perspective to matter, if every Covid-19 particle on the planet was squashed together, they would fit inside a coke can, to which end masks and social-distancing quadrilles are, effectively, like put railings around your garden to keep out gnats!)

    Parliament however showed no interest in any such cost exercise – in fact it has actively tried to suppress such questioning.
    Initially this was because it felt that non-pharmaceutical interventions such as lockdowns would only be temporary measures which, even if ineffective, would have little impact on most people (and no impact at all on MP’s).
    Subsequently this was because, having panicked the nation, it had either to stick to its lockdown strategy, however horrid and wrong it was, or confess that it had exaggerated the risk of Covid for political purposes, and accept the consequences such an admission would bring (something no MP would consider – especially as lockdown policies have little impact upon themselves, their families, and those with power and wealth).

  9. The press were censored…. albeit large sections of this social estate were happy to slavishly embrace the message of the state anyway, as it suited their Yellow tendency to do so, plus brought in huge advertising revenue from their new Big Brother– bad news, as ever, selling better than truth.
    So as to silence any editors with integrity though, Parliament made it unlawful for TV, radio and newspapers to present any message other than the one it was peddling, whilst at the same time doctors, nurses, civil servants etcetera were gagged, and threatened with redundancy if they spoke out.
    As for social media firms, they took it upon themselves to abet this censorship, being grateful for the profits they copped through lockdowns (both those who sell goods on the web, and those who trade by way of sensation, being naturally happy to spread lockdown propaganda, and silence any dissent).

  10. The public were muzzled… not just by being forced to wear pointless masks – and imaginary cone-shaped hats – but by the fear of social opprobrium that was engineered through skewed news broadcasts, chat shows, the views of TV hosts and so on, who all had to parrot Parliament’s dogma, and brand heretics Covidiots, eccentrics, conspiracy theorists or murders (in truth, the fact the state had to pass laws to enforce its message should, in itself,  have made every sensible journalist, editor, presenter etcetera question it, for since when has truth needed the police to be believed?).

  11. An alliance of vices blighted society… some people championing the madness through greed – them selling wares whose need increased; some due to their ego – through the power and profile of new-found importance; some through cowardice – desperately needing to believe that the charade of social distancing could save them from the chimera; some through the sadistic pleasure they got from denouncing non-believers; some through simple ignorance; some through a yen for social acceptance; and some because they became afflicted by a kind of Stockholm syndrome, whereby, lacking the courage to denounce what they knew to be wrong, they instead pretended that they freely believed in it, viz. kidded themselves that they wished to be treated like children, and as such weren’t being mistreated, but were doing what they wanted!

    Be they spivs or lackeys, chickens, quislings or inquisitors though*, all these lockdown proponents had one thing in common, to wit, personal insufficiency.

    *Would it be bad to add wankers?

  12. The web abetted every error (and poured petrol on the fire)… for though the likes of Icke and Piers Corbyn have cornered the  conspiracy market, and as per the previous point, tacit complicity, and coincidental interest removes the need for any formal intrigue, thought must nevertheless be given to the fact that algorithms and AI systems prioritise sensationalist content on the web, and likewise seek to promote internet use, for which lockdowns have been manna from heaven (the ultimate, perfect outcome for the engines which drive the internet being for all human connectivity to come by way of it [with even reproduction being achieved via brief, cyber-courted hook-ups] – before considering this observation, please view The Social Dilemma, ironically on Netflix).

    In short, whenever wrongdoing has occurred, the question cui bono must be posed, and in this case the unavoidable answer is big pharma – who want vaccination to replace the immune system – the internet giants, web-based traders, and the large faceless, shareholder owned companies, who want to kill off small, independent business (…and all these profiteers make political donations – make of this what you will).

  13. A runaway train was thus created… as to be in the UK was to be in a state of panic – the people panicking because of the terror spread by Parliament, Parliament panicking because of the enormity of the damage it had caused. You see, it soon became apparent after the first lockdown was imposed, that the infection rate had been falling before it began, and had stayed on the same trajectory, meaning that the restrictions had had little if any effect on the decrease in the disease (this most likely happening due to the fact that, like all such respiratory viruses, the onset of summer lessened infections).
    Public compliance however left the state in a state – Parliament finding itself riding a tiger – I mean it’s one thing to get people back to their seats by saying the curtain’s about to come up, but another altogether to clear an auditorium by way of shouting fire, especially when it causes such a panic that people lose their coats, become injured and even die! What to do in such a situation? Apologising wouldn’t cut it – people would want your head on a stick! Thus you must stick to the fire narrative (and learn to believe your own bullshit, by dint of vehement, religious subscription).

  14. Covid isn’t seasonal, said the government (though when winter come, it suddenly become so) …. so having promised the people that their rights were to be robbed for only a brief sombrero-squashing spell, Parliament continued restrictions into the summer.
    The reason? In brief, having petrified the people, the government couldn’t admit it had sexed-up the threat for political purposes, and thus, in the absence of such honesty, it had to go through a charade of gradually easing restrictions, even though lifting them immediately wouldn’t have resulted in an uptick in deaths (as evidenced by the Eat-out-to-help-out initiative, the mass Black Lives Matter protests, plus the experience of other nations, and certain states in America, that lifted lockdowns way before the UK, or never had them in the first place).  

  15. Magical thinking was encouraged*… to wean people back into acting rationally, to which end the public were given mask-amulets and behavioural-rituals to ward off the evil Covid.
    Despite this religious activity though, surprise surprise, like all airborne, flu-like viruses, Covid came back with the cold weather (indeed, came back with a vengeance, as people’s immune systems – normally bolstered by sunshine and fun – had been weakened by dint of inactivity, stressy-depression, and anti-social social distancing).

    Obviously, Parliament could have normalised society overnight by just fessing-up to its errors, but to do so would have spelt political suicide for most MP’s (indeed, some of the more guilty ones would have ended up being charged with misfeasance – a fate that hopefully still awaits them).

    (*NB For example, by early April 2021, peer reviewed science finally established what had always been suspected, viz., that Covid wasn’t transmitted through surface contact – a fact recognised by the WHO, the CDC in the USA, The British Medical Journal, etcetera, etcetera – and that as such sanitising hands and surfaces was pointless. Despite this finding, the government not only kept quiet about it, but continued to insist that businesses and individuals carried on wasting time, effort and money on the said ritualistic activities, activities which polluted the environment, caused skin conditions, killed good bacteria and weakened people’s immune systems).

  16. Precedent meant an autumn lockdown… for, as just said…
    …though knowing that the first lockdown and subsequent social-distancing had zero impact on the level of flu throughout the summer, and that, by extension, these measures couldn’t have helped in respect of Covid…
    …though knowing Black Lives Matter protests and Eat-out-to-help-out out hadn’t increased Covid infection rates…
    …though knowing that the WHO now opposed lockdowns due to their cost…
    once Covid deaths began to naturally rise in autumn – the opportunity to boost immunity in summer having been lost – the state had to either admit its mistakes or repeat them thus, as honesty for politicians wasn’t an option, a second lockdown was imposed, though was done so cunningly, in as much as (learning from the first lockdown) the government waited until infection rates began to fall before imposing restrictions, so it could lay claim to any reduction in cases that would have happened anyway.

  17. Cold turkey was dished up for Christmas…. as, with the now-inevitable onset of a second spike in winter – Covid acting naturally, mutating and so on – Parliament, in keeping with the one-trick pony it’d become over Covid, autistically ordered another lockdown (having to stick to the precedent it’d set, regardless of its impotence in respect of Covid, and the devastating consequences it would have in respect of everything else). The government’s ‘plan’ it seems was now to keep imposing lockdowns until either a vaccine came along, or herd-immunity was achieved naturally – and in either case lay claim to the success, and state that millions of lives had been saved by way of its nostrums (despite many other places that had imposed little or no restrictions suffering no such fate – indeed, suffering far less casualties than the UK, which ended up with the highest Covid death toll per capita on the planet!).

  18. And so 2020 drew to a close. A year that had seen the highest death rate since….2003!… yes, you read that right – every year pre 2004 the UK per capita death rate had been higher than in 2020.
    But what of the 2020 death toll? This was greater than expected by circa 72,000 souls, and no doubt this increase was due to Covid, the death toll of which, at the end of the year, stood at 73,512? ….err, actually, no! The latter figure was for people who died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid (the state freely admitting that 66% of people who die WITH Covid would have died of another condition within 12 months, and thus would not be classed as excess deaths in the said time period).

    Thus of the circa 72,000 excess 2020 deaths, only 24,479 can be attributed to Covid (this being 33% of the 73,512 WITH Covid deaths).

    Thus 47,521 excess deaths in 2020 were non-Covid, but what then caused these deaths? Did anything abnormal happen in 2020 that may have caused these deaths… well, in July 2020 the Office of National Statistics forecast that circa 50,000 would die over twelve months due to lockdown measures…

    Thus Lockdown measures killed nearly twice as many people as Covid in 2020 (QED).

  19. Then vaccination was rolled out and…. nothing changed… in fact restrictions were paradoxically increased, with travellers now having to quarantine in hotels and so on.
    Why so? Well…

    Firstly, the NHS, which always sails close to the wind in winter, could still have easily become overloaded, not least because Covid treatments, though now more successful, kept patients in hospital longer, whilst boss-eyed methods of testing meant even the well couldn’t be discharged swiftly.
    Secondly, because the majority of people were still scared, such that, in the absence of true facts being presented to them, only an absence of infection would now calm them.
    Thirdly, it was now in the interest of the state to attribute any fall in Covid cases to lockdown measures, not vaccines, nor natural factors (to which end as more and more people were vaccinated, the government increasingly talked down vaccines!)
    Fourthly, because…actually, let’s let Mary Wollstonecraft explain…

    ‘Power is ever true to its vital principle, for in every shape it would reign without control or inquiry – its throne being built across a dark abyss, which no eye must dare to explore, lest the baseless fabric should totter under investigation. Thus obedience, blind obedience, is the catch-word of tyrants of every description.’

But who can Parliament blame for its failure… to wit, for the fact that after all the British people had suffered, the UK ended up with the highest Covid death rate on Earth? What Parliament couldn’t of course do – what would have put UK deaths more in line with some other countries – was publicise the point that 66% of those that died WITH Covid would have died within the year anyway of existing conditions, and thus shouldn’t figure in the annual statistics, for if it had done this it would have shown that almost twice as many people had died in the UK because of lockdowns than had died from Covid (as had been predicted by the Office of National Statistics when lockdown restrictions were first imposed).  

Thus, having used the WITH Covid death rate to frighten society into compliance, Parliament is likely to be hoisted by its own petard, and so must find a scapegoat…but who?
The obese? – Even though the UK is ranked tenth amongst major nations in respect of this index…
NHS workers? – Who diligently went to work despite having been told by the state that it would kill them to do so…
The public? Who dutifully followed the rules, however crazy they became – and done so at such a terrible cost to them? (People having sacrificed their lives, livelihoods, well-being, children’s education and so on [and on] in support of Parliament’s cause).

Whoever Parliament finds at fault though, it certainly won’t be itself!


Civil rights, private rights, and human rights denied….  – these God given rights, won over centuries, at the cost of millions of lives, were taken away overnight by Parliament (a Parliament that, having encouraged people to die for freedom since the day it was created, then took it away on the untested pretext of saving certain lives [while at the same time it refused to sit in case MP’s were placed in danger!])

Consequently, all the talk of Britain being a free nation, that has no need of a written constitution, has been shown to be empty rhetoric, for when push came to shove, and Parliament acted dictatorially, the monarchy, judiciary, police and press all proved to be chocolate fireguards.

Thus, when tested for the first time in the cyber age, Parliament has shown itself unfit for purpose, and so it must be replaced (party politics, and the self-serving short-termism it naturally gives birth to, having both created the current crisis, and prevented its correct address).

Hundreds of thousands have given and will give their lives to illustrate this…
Millions have had their lives blighted to illustrate this…
Millions have lost their livelihoods to illustrate this…
The sacrifice of the British people, and these people in particular, must not have been made in vain, and must lead to political change, before any other, deadlier threat besets us – in short, we, the people, must fight back, or resign ourselves to living like children.    

Right-minded Fightback (Govid ‘20 – a lethal, intimidating, yet in truth weak pathology)

Preamble… There’s a temptation amongst free-thinkers at present – their brains understandably clouded by outrage – to criticise the majority of people who have been misled by their state to date, and to deride them as sheep, or cowards, when their only error has been to have faith in those who swore to serve them, and belief in what their government, TV and the mainstream media told them.

This however is what Parliament wants those who have its measure to do, to wit, pour scorn on those who it has belittled, terrorised, oppressed and lied to.

Consequently, then, the response of those who resisted the idiocy must be the opposite, to wit, to acknowledge that the majority of people responded bravely and responsibly in the face of a monster of the state’s making – in short, like WWI Tommies, the majority of people have been misled, as ever, by politicians and rich, self-serving individuals, and that it’s these villains who should be criticised, denounced and held to account, these liars and deceivers, these thieving profiteers.

To this end the people must have justice, the guilty must be punished, the injured compensated, and the repetition of this calamity must be prevented.
In short, the people now need genuine, sincere, ethical representation – especially those who’ve suffered the most – along with a written constitution, to enshrine the rights implied by common law, and magna carta.

The Indictment (Britain suffered more than any other country – The state betrayed the nation)

  • We state the state betrayed the nation.
  • As evidenced by multiple scientific studies and, most tellingly, the infection rates of places that imposed little or no civil restrictions, from a medical and social, ethical and economic perspective, the oppressive imposition of lockdown policies in response to Covid-19 was and is unjustifiable.
  • The fact that the UK Parliament knowingly adopted such policies though, regardless of their human, social and economic cost, evidences that the thinking behind them was political, not medical or social, ethical or economic.
  • As such we, the people, charge Parliament with the denial of human, civil and private rights, and the range of injuries that stemmed from this crime (lockdown policies being set to kill more British citizens than the Nazis did).

The following points (among many, many others) qualify this indictment:

  1. Unable to admit it is dysfunctional, Parliament tried to cover this up… by presenting Covid as something it wasn’t, and administering quack remedies accordingly, to hide the fact that, despite knowing that a pandemic must happen, and having had close calls with SARS, Swine flu and Avian flu, Parliament had allowed the NHS to operate at peak capacity year after year, and had made no meaningful provision to tackle pandemics whatsoever – no spare ventilators, no training, no plans, no testing, no protective equipment etcetera.

    Instead, Parliament had preoccupied itself with short-term solutions to long-term problems the next election being its imperative – party-political bickering, arguing over the semantics of newspeak, and glibly responding to PC idiocy (like whether women have dicks).
    To this end, blunt-instrument Lockdowns, ineffective in stopping Covid, were employed as political instruments, whose purpose was to deflect criticism from Parliament by concealing NHS neglect and lack of pandemic planning.

    For their own political safety, MP’s of every hue have imperilled British society, killed tens of thousands of people – to date, with hundreds of thousands set to follow in their wake – ruined hundreds of thousands of lives, and betrayed the sacrifices made by every preceding generation.
  1. The vulnerable were not protected, whilst the heathy had their immune systems enervated… for while those who needed protection were neglected, those who didn’t were treated like prisoners, who needed the OK from their gaolers to leave their homes, see their family members – even if on their death bed – celebrate Christmas and so on, by dint of which their immune systems were enfeebled.

    Likewise, despite fresh air, sunlight, activity and, perhaps most importantly, happiness being vital for a healthy immune system, Parliament sought to keep people indoors, make them inactive and depress them by every available method.

    Consequently, lockdowns not only failed to stop Covid – every particle of which on the planet would fit inside a coke can – they increased the likelihood of infection over time, and prevented resources from being focussed on those who needed them.
    Thus Parliament killed vulnerable people by not protecting them, whilst making others become vulnerable by unnecessary protection.

    And let it never be forgotten, that Parliament knew full well that, even if lockdowns had any effect on slowing the spread of Covid – which was an untested assumption – they would always kill more than they ever could save and, unlike the virus, would damage every aspect of society.
  1. Common sense and logic were forgone, for political and financial profit… for however much politicians parroted that they were following THE science – as if there were only one – science must be based on data, of which there was, in the beginning, none that was validated.
    In the absence of tested information, only common sense, past experience and logic ought to dictate policy. Instead, whilst ignoring the science of renowned, accredited professors, doctors, Nobel Laureates and so on, Parliament adopted as gospel a ‘science’ which both suited its political interests, and gave it boffins and quacks to blame in the event events went against it.

    Whatever one thinks of the respective merits of the conflicting scientific opinions however, one thing which is incontrovertible is that Parliament abdicated its political responsibility, and shelved all social, cultural and ethical concerns in pursuit of its lockdown strategy.
  1. Free speech was denied…. in as much as Parliament made it unlawful for TV, radio and newspapers to present any message other than the one it was peddling, whilst at the same time doctors, nurses, civil servants etcetera were gagged, and threatened with redundancy, if they spoke out against state policy.
    Meanwhile Parliament’s tax-exempt chums in social media, grateful for the profits they were raking in because of lockdowns, took it upon themselves to police free speech, while lockdown-Stockholmeers in the media happily preached their captor’s propaganda.
  1. The opportunity to stop Covid was consciously lost… through Parliament maintaining fatuous, idiotic restrictions during the summer months – when NHS capacity was at its best, and Covid at its weakest – months which usually boost people’s immune systems, through sun, fun, fresh air and activity, pre the annual uptick in respiratory illnesses that accompanies the winter months.

    As it was, unable to get people it had unnecessarily terrified to once more act normally, without admitting that it had conducted a scaremongering campaign that got out of hand, Parliament decided to ease restrictions at such a glacial pace that people’s immune systems, rather than be energised as they usually would be in good weather, instead were depressed, through stress, unhappiness, sedentariness, and the intake of stale, indoor-or-mask-tarnished air (‘stay indoors, do nothing but worry, eat takeaways and consume booze’ being the state’s prescription).

    In short, the public, having been panicked, had to either be told the truth as to what had had gone and why, or be gradually relaxed back into an everyday state as the pseudo-quarantine of social-distancing worked its magic on the virus (albeit, throughout the pandemic, people who went to work were infected at the same rate as those who seldom ventured out – in the face of a microvirus, only total isolation being efficacious vis-à-vis social-distancing).

    Privately knowing though that summer socialising, be it a family picnic or the Glastonbury festival, would make little difference to the transmission of the virus, the government promoted its Eat-out-to-help-out scheme and likewise permitted BLM protests to go ahead, in the hope that the former would wean people back into normality, whilst the latter would serve as an index of civil liberty – both ambitions being thus cynical, civil manipulations (although both the protests and the socialising served to show that people mixing made no difference to infection levels).
  1. Ineffective, costly lockdowns were reimposed in autumn and winter… as the opportunity to bolster, and update people’s immune systems in summer had been lost, while the virus had been kept on the boil long enough to let it mutate such that – as with flu and pneumonia – Covid infection rates naturally rose in the winter season, which meant Parliament either had to own to the first Lockdown, and the subsequent folderol of semi-social-distancing being pointless, or knowingly repeat the process… so for the state it was a no-brainer (albeit, learning from the first lockdown, it cunningly chose to do so in both cases once the infection rates began to fall naturally, so that it could attribute the said reduction to its silly initiatives – NB weren’t you aware that it only gets dark at night because, as the sun starts to set every day, a special prayer is said in Whitehall?)
  1. Parliament thus fought Covid like trench warfare (MP’s like Generals, the people like Tommies)… in as much as horrifically costly tactics, that yielded little results – and made the young suffer – were slavishly continued to save face, whilst sensible debate was disallowed, as such discussion would reveal criminal liability.
    Now of course people look back with incredulity on the fact that men were sent, again and again, to run at machine guns, but back then – as with Covid today – any criticism of state strategy was deemed treason by the media.

    Continuing in a belligerent vein, it should not be forgotten that, historically, some 2,000,000, mainly young men have been both encouraged and ordered by MPs to lay down their lives in conflicts across the globe to protect our freedoms and defend our Parliamentary democracy. Many others suffered horrific, life-changing injuries for the same purpose, while many more were traumatised because of it.
    Parliament has arbitrarily taken away the freedoms they fought, suffered and died for.
    Parliament has refused to properly sit during the pandemic because of the risk to MPs.
    No MPs have died of Covid.
    No MPs have suffered any loss of income due to the measures they’ve imposed re Covid.
  1. The people suffered the cost of Covid, while elites prospered because of it… the government and its chums gaining by way of power, profile and in some cases hard cash, whilst their wages were unaffected.
    Thus while many were losing everything, MP’s were giving interviews, writing articles and dreaming of book deals and fees for public speaking, while isolating in the comfort of large houses, and doling out contracts to their cronies.
    Meanwhile pharmaceutical companies, internet companies, the press and the chums of government were raking in profits because of Covid (whilst making political donations).

    (Perhaps the question should be put to MP’s: if imposing lockdown had cost you 30% of your wealth, would you still have done it? I guess there’s no need to ask this though as we all know the honest answer).

  2. Monkeys could have run the country better… for apes would have done nothing, save swung on tyres and ate bananas, by virtue of which innocuous play the lives lost to lockdowns would have been saved, children would have been unaffected, livelihoods would have been protected, suicides prevented, economic damage averted whilst, in truth, the ultimate Covid death toll would have stayed the same (indeed recent studies indicate that less people would have died from Covid if lockdown measures hadn’t been imposed – the reason it seems for this being that lockdowns create the ill-health that the virus thrives upon).
  1. While people died of Covid, they were murdered by lockdown – for every one person who died due to Covid in 2020 – and not from an underlying illness which would have killed them anyway – two were murdered by lockdown, four more will be slain over the next decade or so, whilst one kid was molested and 10 livelihoods were lost (and all the time those pregnant, old and dying, were being treated like beasts).

    The long-term consequences of lockdowns though were unimportant to politicians, who knew that the cost of the latter would far surpass Covid – what mattered and matters to them, both now and then, is merely their present position, and the next election.

In summary, whilst the British people have acted courageously and dutifully, in the face of a danger Parliament created – by lack of national planning, NHS mismanagement, deception and oppression – their party-political mis-leaders have acted cravenly and criminally (and as such must be justly punished).

Human, Civil and Private Rights (Political reformation)

Most crucially in the short term, if it’s blindly accepted that lockdowns were right, and that the only reason they failed was that they weren’t tight enough, and that next time all we need do is lockdown more oppressively then, as sure as day follows night, we’re fated to be slaves – while, ironically, by dint of letting people think they’ve found the best solution to pandemics, to wit, that lockdowns, social quadrilles and cultural nullification will stop their recrudescence, the same will come again and again, until proper policies are adopted (ref.

Going forward, then, marked political reform is called for, in the mid-to long-term, whilst in the short term the following measures ought to be implemented:

  1. In the UK, March 23rd should be declared a day of remembrance for those murdered by the state, those who had their lives blighted by the state, and those that lost their livelihoods due to the state.

  2. It must be made law that, save in case of war, civil liberties can never be restricted without the emergency approval of 70% of Parliament and that, even then, such measures must only be effective for 28 days, post which, if any extension is needed, a plebiscite must be called, with 60% approval being needed (in conjunction with 70% Parliamentary endorsement). This process must then be conducted every subsequent twenty-eight days.

  3. The right to liberty, freedom of movement, freedom to work, freedom to socialise and freedom of expression must be constitutionally enshrined – such rights trumping lesser legislation – and must only be able to be temporarily overridden by dint of the referendal mechanism referred to above.

  4. In the interests of both justice and deterrence, those in Parliament who imposed oppressive measures, or did not oppose them, must be made to face justice, on charges of misfeasance and nonfeasance respectively, as should senior civil servants and police officers. Affected individuals and business must also be able to bring civil cases against the said offenders (hopefully this would make the MP’s, mandarins and police chiefs of the future think twice before they acted fascistically).

  5. The victims of Govid-20 must be compensated by those that profited from it, to which end any companies that made such gains should be subject to windfall taxes, as should PPE profiteers and spivs, scientific mountebanks and pharmaceutical companies. All MP’s likewise should return the wages paid to them during the times they deprived others of work, as should the wages of all those who advised them, with fees paid for interviews etcetera being similarly given to those who were injured.

  6. A system of national insurance should be put in place to compensate individuals, businesses, museums etcetera who suffer for the common good in the event of civil restrictions (ref.

  7. Political parties need to be outlawed for, as well as preventing long-term planning, the only reason political compromise is needed, the only reason there’s social polarisation, is because of the party-political system.

A constituency of victims has been created, that can only multiply with time, and they must receive justice, and be justly represented. Beyond those who suffered the most though, every man women and child in the UK deserves better governance.

Coda: Covid opportunity (Thank God for Covid)

Govid ‘20 is a Boring figure, in as much as it seems an ugly hag, when in fact it can be thought a fair maiden, if it acts as a catalyst for political reform, reform which will, in the long-term, prevent horror worse than Govid and Covid combined, plus bring justice and prosperity.

The outline of this logic runs thus…

  1. A warning: Akin to a false fire alarm, the crisis has shown the weaknesses of our political system, by dint of its inability to respond to a known unknown – in short, our system of government has been given a stress test, and has failed miserably (the guarantees we had of liberty proving to be worthless, the promises of our democracy proving to be hollow).
    Thus the abhorrent response of Parliament to what is a, relatively, low-risk pathogen can be thought a dress rehearsal for the horrors that, one day, must confront us – to which end, this dummy run has taught us dunces that we’re run by dummies.
  1. A revelation: When put to the test, the mask of liberal democracy slipped – as the public were muzzled – and showed the same monster that’s ever-menaced freedom.
    In the UK we’d always been assured that because of the monarchy, common law, independent judiciary, human rights legislation, combative, party-political representation, and a free press we had no need of a constitution.
    Yet when these institutions were put to the test each proved a paper tiger (to put it in perspective, on the day all it took to turn the UK into a police state was eleven pages of law, unscrutinised by Parliament, and the signature of the Health Secretary).
  1. An index: Thus, akin to an ugly yet superficial symptom, like a rash or suppurating sore which informs an otherwise healthy person that they have an insidious malady, the state’s response to Covid has shown both the weaknesses and sicknesses of our society (so we can knowingly address them).
  1. A premonition: Moreover, growing more risk-averse, regulated, and surveilled by the day, with speech and thought being increasingly policed, politically-correct society was heading toward authoritarianism anyway – to which end Covid’s been a canary in the goldmine (such that we can attend to the unseen toxins which increasingly imperil us).

  2. An assay: The response of Parliament to Covid has evidenced both the hollowness of modern politics, and the wrong of unqualified democracy in the cyber age, for good government, always difficult with a party-political system, in the age of AI becomes impossible, as populist leaders indulge every web-whipped-up whim of the mob, whilst machine politicians recite whatever script their given and, in both cases, long-term thinking is forgone, along with the dispensation of any bad medicine, however good it is (it being swapped for sickly-sweet snake oil that, albeit lethal with accretion, is pleasing to the tongue).
  1. A demonstration: Parliament’s pernicious Covid strategy has nevertheless evidenced that the will of the people can be commandeered to meet social challenges, which gives hope that actual threats and menaces can be checked and addressed, as opposed to false ones of the state’s making – in short, if the public can be misled to act wrongly, then they can be well-led to act rightly (albeit the subscription of a mere 10% of the population is all that’s needed to effect social betterment, provided the said element is driven, and committed to the cause in question).
  1. A rallying cry: The egregious misfeasance of Parliament’s response to Covid has created an army of disaffected people, whose ranks, one would imagine, can only continue to swell as the mid to long-term impact of this state-made disaster begins to be felt, and the realisation hopefully dawns that what our leaders done was wrong, on every conceivable level.

    A battle line has thus been drawn, between present deception and future truth, to which end, though Parliament owns today, tomorrow has been gifted to them with integrity (if we will it – though it’s a marathon, not a sprint, that must be run [and justly won]).

Hundreds of thousands have given and will give their lives to illustrate our state’s failure…
Millions have had their lives blighted to illustrate our state’s failure…
Millions have lost their livelihoods to illustrate our state’s failure….
The sacrifice of the British people, and these people in particular, must not have been made in vain, and must lead to political change (before any other, deadlier threat besets us – albeit next time the victims will be different, you and your family perhaps……).

Epilogue: Mea Culpa

So Parliament has acted horrendously (QED), those villains, those sinners…… yet who allowed our society to become run thus? Who permitted glib, insufficient, party-political swindlers to control us? Who let the cancer of political correctness metastasise into everyday life? Who let wokeness put youth into a truthless-coma? Who let private and foreign web companies control and censor information? What did those with means and talent do to prevent all of this? What did you do? What will you do? If the answer to both is nothing, then the question must become one of What have I done?

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
     Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
Martin Niemöller

– # –

Ernest A.
April, 2021